Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta

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Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Empty Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta

Post by LordIheanacho on Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:22 pm

The beta is almost here and we made this progress article to answer any concerned questions about the game.

We were originally planning a video version of the FAQ, unfortunately we could not have enough time to make one (some of us have college education and finances to deal with), So we will post them in this article instead.

Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Freezer_Burn_2
Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Das_Drain_Kitchen_Underground_4
Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Pipe_Dreams_Inside_Wall_2
Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Freezer_Burn_4
Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Frest_out_the_Kitchen_3
Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Das_Drain_Kitchen_Underground_6
Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Sandbox_Shenanigans_2
Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Freezer_Burn_1
Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Freezer_Burn_3
Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Sandbox_Shenanigans_1

Army Men III OST: Showdown -

We have also recreated the Boxshot theme for our game. Hopefully, this will be the FINAL version of our Boxshot which you can find it on the IndieDB summary page. For now, here is the Wallpaper version.

Work In Progress (12/7/12) - FAQ for Upcomming Beta Army_Men_III_Wallpaper_7_Normal

Q: When is the 1st Beta release?

The first Army Men III Beta release will launch on April 30th.

Q: Will the Beta release become available to everyone?

Yes, Keep in mind that this is an Open Beta release.

Q: Will the Beta release support character customization?

No, however we should have the character customization feature setup by the 2nd Beta release. We plan to allow characters the ability to change their player character, including their headgear, body accessories, and even their gender.

Q: Will the Beta release provided more Skirmish missions than what existed in the Alpha release?

Definitely! We have the screenshots above us to prove that.

Q: Are there any unlockables features, special powerups, or Bonus missions in the Beta release?

Yes, Just like in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes (Dreamcast) and Sarge's Heroes 2, There are a few secret areas throughout the Campaign & Skirmish Modes. Some of them could provide a large arsenal of inventory, powerups, easter eggs, or even unlock certain cheats. If you are adventurous enough, you may find them. There are are also bonus missions being included in the Campaign (such as the Anniversary Map Pack) as well as future holiday map packs arriving in the near future.

Q: Will the 1st Beta support playing as the Tan Army or The Monster Horde (IGD's Army)?

No, we may release DLC that supports this at a later time, however we can not guarantee it at the moment.

Q: What improvements were made in the Beta version in comparison to the outdated Alpha version?[/color]

A LOT. For starters, cutscenes have been improved and the voice acting has been drastically improved. We have also recreated and revamped some of the campaign missions to better give players the feeling that they are fighting in the Plastic and Real World missions respectively.

Q: Explain the process of Campaign mode?

The Army Men III Campaign is practically the story mode of the game - Taking place where Army Men II last left off. Most of the missions in the Campaign take place in the Plastic World (and the last few in the Real World) as the Insane Grey Doctor threatens to destroy the plastic world with his warped experiments, and you will have to fight your way through all four of the Major nations - Tan, Green, Blue, and Grey, and take part in a full-scale assault on The Grey Doctor's fortress - an enormous Castle in the Real World.

Q: Explain the process of Skirmish mode?

The Skirmish mode is practically the arcade mode of the game. Fight your way through waves of enemies - Tan infantry, swarms of insects, hordes of zombies (and explosive ones), and even returning foes from Sarge's Heroes 2 reincarnated as the Machines of War.

Q: Is this game by any chance related or will end up like Sarge's Heroes?

NO. We get this quite a LOT. Even the public pages (like gamepron) are misleading. Sure, we may have similarities and references from the game (e.g. the Green Beans cans in the skirmish missions) as well as a returning character from SH2 (with a new origin), however, this game is by NO chance directly related to the sub-series. Remember that this is a direct sequel to the original game, if anything else, this game would probably be closest to Army Men 3D.

Q: Is this game anything like Call of Duty or trying to follow it's trend?

ROFL!! If I had a nickel for this one.... I can safely say, ANY game is prone to this stupid assumption (Even the all-mighty Halo 4 is vulnerable). I even see these assumptions in the ratings. I honestly don't know how else to say this but please understand, that this game is NOT a Call of Duty knock-off. Sure it has some similar elements that God forbid they popularized (such as the Health regeneration system and dual-wielding) however we are not even trying to follow the modern-generation trend that you would find from most AAA Games. That is why indie games like Minecraft are ultimately becoming more prevalent. While most AAA games are focusing more about forking up some extra cash with overpriced DLC and console-focused gameplay, Indie games are focusing on not only improving on new and/or enjoyable gameplay, but also adding User Mod support. I believe that is what ultimately extends the life of a product, more especially if it is poorly-received or underrated (i.e.Duke Nukem Forever). More of the reason why our standalone expansion, Army Men Multiplayer exists.

That is all folks! Keep in mind, we are but only a very small team (practically three core developers such as myself, and less than a handful of voice actors), So we are still looking for artists and programmers to complete Army Men Multiplayer sooner. If you are interested in helping this project and its online MP expansion see the light of day, just send us a PM via IndieDB or Skype.
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