Army Men III Download Mirrors

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Army Men III Download Mirrors

Post by LordIheanacho on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:53 pm

Hey guys, My apologies for the unexpected inconvenience with our official website. For some odd reason, 000webhost has recently limited the amount of bandwidth and memory allowed for websites and because WordPress uses too much of that memory allocation, the website is having trouble loading at all. To make up for this, we have posted the download links here.

Important - Download patch after installing game before playing the campaign mode!
Windows -
Mac -


If you plan to download the torrent please ensure that you seed the download once it is completed!
If you REALLY value the torrent download and want to have an easier chance at re-downloading again (for any reason), you will seed that file.


Google Drive -

4Shared (Copy/Paste):


Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:



AusGamers Download Instructions:
- Scroll down and find the orange download button.
- If a puzzle appears, follow the instructions and solve the puzzle at the screen, then click the link below it once you are done.
- Finally, click the download link to begin downloading the game.

NOTE - You may come across some unexpected advert pop-ups that will occur when you are on the website, so keep in mind of that. We also had reports of advertisements interfering with some of our downloads (i.e. 4shared) so we just used code-wrap to protect the links.
System Requirements

Minimum Specs:

   Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista
   2.0+ GHz processor
   2GB system RAM
   SM3-compatible video card
   3GB Free hard drive space


   Windows 7 64-bit
   2.0+ GHz multi-core processor
   4GB System RAM
   NVIDIA 400 series or higher graphics card
   Plenty of HDD space

Minimum for DirectX11:

   Windows Vista
   2.0+ GHz processor
   2GB system RAM
   DX11 Graphics Card: Nvidia: 400 series or above ATI: 5000 series or above
   3GB Free hard drive space


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